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Google launches new search experience for job seekers

Google has revealed a new way of search experience making it simpler for job seekers to find employment opportunities from popular job listing websites, online classifieds, companies and organizations. The new feature is built directly into Google Search to provide a extensive listing of jobs across the web. At launch, job search will have hundreds […]

How To Calculate Area of Circle

A simple Problem in Geometry is to find the area of circle. The only thing you need to know is the formula to find the area. This article will explain you 4 methods to find the area of circle. 1. Calculating area from radius. 2. Calculating Area from the Diameter. 3. Calculating Area from Circumference. 4. [...]


Enable WordPress Debugging Mode

Many settings in WordPress that you can use to help debug the main application, themes, your own custom code,  and more. Generally, these settings are intended for use by developers and should not be used on “live” sites.  However, you can also use them to troubleshoot issues you may be experiencing with third-party code,  such as plugins or […]