Ch # 2 s-Block Elements Short Question


Metals of group IA and IIA including hydrogen and helium are called s-block elements. They are called the s block elements because s-orbitals are being filled, in their outermost shells. The name “alkali” came from Arabic, which means The “ashes”. The Arabs used this term for these metals because they found that the ashes of some plants were composed chiefly of sodium and potassium………


  • Introduction.
  • General Behaviour of Alkali Metals.
  • Commercial Preparation of Sodium by Down’s Cell.
  • Commercial Preparation of Sodium Hydroxide by the Diaphram Cell.
  • Role of Gypsum in Agriculture and Industry.
  • Role of Lime in Agriculture and Industry.

In this chapter you will learn:

  • To write the electronic configuration of s-block elements in sequence.
  • The occurrence of group IA and IIA elements and the peculiar behaviours of lithiumand beryllium.
  • The difference in the physical properties of group IA and IIA elements as well as differences in the chemical behaviour of their compounds.
  • The commercial preparation of sodium.
  • How sodium hydroxide is commercially prepared.
  • The role pf gypsum and lime inagriculture and industry.


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