Ch # 3 Group III A and Group IV A Elements Short Question


The elements of group IIIA of the periodic table consists of boron, aluminium, gallium indium and thallium. The small size and high nuclear charge make boron non-metallic while all the other elements of this group are metals. The abrupt increase in metallic character from B to Al is associated with the increased size of aluminium atom …………….


  1. Group IIIA Elements.
  2. Compounds of Boron.
  3. Reactions of Aluminium.
  4. Group IVA Elements.
  5. Compounds of Carbon and Silicon.
  6. Semiconductors.
  7. Uses of Lead Compounds in Paints.

In this chapter you will learn:

  1. The names, electronic configurations and occurrence of IIIA and IVA group elements.
  2. The peculiar properties of boron and carbon in their respective groups.
  3. The preparation and properties of borax and orthoboric acid.
  4. The reactions of aluminium.
  5. Structures and properties of oxides of carbon and silicon, silicates, silicones and their uses.
  6. The uses of silicon and germanium in semi-conductor industries and lead in paints.

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