How To Calculate Area of Circle

A simple Problem in Geometry is to find the area of circle. The only thing you need to know is the formula to find the area. This article will explain you 4 methods to find the area of circle.

1. Calculating area from radius.

2. Calculating Area from the Diameter.

3. Calculating Area from Circumference.

4. Calculating Area from a Sector of the Circle.

Calculating area from radius:

First identify the radius of a circle. Radius is the length from the center of a circle to the edge of it. You can measure radius in any direction from the center and the radius will be the same. The radius is also one half of the diameter of a circle. The diameter is the line segment that passes through the center and connects opposite sides of the circle. The radius of circle will generally be provided to you. It can be difficult to measure to the exact center of a circle, unless the center is already marked on paper. Lets see the following example, we have a circle withe the radius of 6 cm.



Calculating Area from the Diameter:

Calculating area from diameter is also very simple. Diameter is equal to the double of radius. So the value of diameter that is given should be divided into half in order to get the radius. Lets see the example in which diameter is given which is 10 in.


2. area-of-circle-using-diameter

Calculating Area from Circumference:

In some real world situation you may not be able to measure the diameter or radius of circle so, it is difficult to find. If you know the circumference formula you can also able to find the area of circle easily.  Lest see an example, assume that you have been told or have measured that the circumference of a circle is 42 cm.



Calculating Area from a Sector of the Circle:

Sometime you may be told information about sector of the circle rather than others and then be asked to find the area of the full circle. Read the problem carefully and look for information. A sector of a circle is a portion which is sometimes also referred to as a “wedge.” It is defined by drawing two radii from the center out to the edge of the circle. The space between these two radii is the sector. Use a protractor to measure the central angle made by the two radii. Lets look at the example.



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