How to Fix Folders and File permissions error in wordpress

How to Fix Folder and File Permissions Error in WordPress


File and folder whose permissions are incorrectly set can cause errors on your WordPress site during upload. So therefore in this article, we will explain how to fix file and folder permissions error in WordPress.

Working of files and folders in WordPress:

Permissions that are set for files and folders,  tells the server who can read, run, or modify on your account in which your site is hosted. WordPress needs permissions to manage files and create folders on the server. Incorrect permissions can block WordPress from creating folders, upload images, or run some scripts. Besides that it can also compromise security of your WordPress site. WordPress will try to warn you by telling that it can’t edit a file, create a folder, or cannot write to disk. However, sometimes you may not see any proper error messages.

What should be the correct permissions for files and folders in WordPress:

The following settings are recommended for most users.

  • 755 for all folders and sub-folders.
  • 644 for all files.

Let’s see how to fix file and folder permissions in WordPress.

Fixing folder permissions using FTP (File Transfer Protocol):

  • First you need to connect using FTP
  • Select the folders in root directory and ‘right click’ to select ‘File Permissions’


  • A dialog box will appear like this.


  • We need to enter 755 in the numeric value field and click on ‘Recurse into subdirectories’ checkbox and then select ‘Apply to directories only’ option then click ok.



Fixing file permissions using FTP (File Transfer Protocol):

  • Same as folder select the file whose permission you want to change.
  • ‘Right click’ select ‘File Permission’. A dialog will appear.


  • Select numeric value 644 and click ok. Your FTP client will now start setting file permission to all files on your WordPress site.
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